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I always have these romantic ideals about the fall. I love the wind, the changing of leaves, the excitement of the energy and my birthday, of course. But it can be spooky! As the veil drops, so does the illusion, and when the illusion drops, we are naked in our core. For each expansion we have with our divine selves, we must integrate into the physical, unlocking the hidden, darker places for integration.

Much of what we see and experience in our vision of manifestation has to go through an evolutionary process down the chakras into Earth. Where might you be lingering in illusion? Where do your dreams get stuck? Do you derive too much nourishment from your dreams and pay too little attention to the action needed to manifest them?

This is the time to dive deep into the shadow and allow its release to reveal the deeper unspoken needs. When you enter into this territory, time slows down, you are forced to feel and make necessary changes so you can once again remember your true self. This moves the stuck dreams out of the illusion, out of dreamtime and into realtime.

I have written an article to help you get clear on whether or not you are in illusion, and how to get out of it and get real!

Also, keep reading. A new teleclass, The Healing Chamber, is upon us for November. We also have a Creation Activation Tele-channeling coming up on Sacred Sexuality.

Wishing you unconditional love and clear vision during these days of the thin veil!

From the Deep Mystery,


May News



Wow, have I neglected the blog for so long? My apologies! It looks like somehow in the midst of all the newsletters and courses, I did not keep up with the blog. I have updated the article section, so feel free to peruse to see what happened in Guatemala for the solstice, as well as the deep love affair I began with Money.  

Anyway, here we are in May. This month I wrote about the ups and downs of being in the perpetual transition that is "the Shift."

As usual the year is flying by. We are almost at the end of the MoneyLuv course, the most transformational class to date. I realized throughout the class, as the students unearthed wounds and learned how to relate to money in a healthy way, that I had never experienced a time in my life where we talked about money in such a sacred manner. Money is always left outside of that conversation. In this class, we were able to include money in that sacred prayer. We were able to go deep into ourselves, and still stay connected to our abundance. We talked about the ups and downs of our passions, work and money without the veil of secrecy this culture is so used to, and with profound compassion. I found this experience itself to be so valuable, as a benevolent and loving wave of abundance began to flow through the students.

I encourage you to open up this conversation, to allow money to be in the spaces that are most sacred in your heart. In this way, together, we can shift its vibration and come into alignment as a culture. This, I believe is instrumental in our process as human beings at this time.

Blessed Beltane! There are lots of events coming up at Treadway Esoteric. Many of them in New York, and one via teleclass. It’s an exciting, creative time with shows, classes and meditations. 

From the Deep Mystery,



It’s an exciting time here on Earth. For those of us who have been tirelessly growing and healing into our multidimensional selves, this solstice feels like our grand event. The process of stepping into our light bodies and embodying our higher selves is a gradual one, but rest assured on this date, when so many around the world gather in ceremony to celebrate the ending of one cycle and beginning of another, the potential for love, peace and harmony is exponential. Just the thought of so many hearts unified for the celebration of a better world is enough to change things, regardless of the epic astrological alignments and prophecies. When the human heart gathers in this way, the opportunity for light beings to respond to our call of love is magnified beyond our understanding. Just think about it….

This solstice, I am journeying to Guatemala once again to receive the energy activation at Tikal, Guatemala. I will be traveling with a band of healers, mystics, elders, devotees and artists. Five years ago I also was in Guatemala with Drunvalo Melchizedek and Don Alejandro Oxlaj, then Chief Elder of the Guatemala Maya. That trip was perhaps the most sacred of my life, and so I am very much looking forward to this one.

Every time I step on Guatemalan soil I am transported deep into my soul. Our group aim is to simply open to the energies in prayer. That we may be pure channels for what is coming through, that we may be the bridge between heaven and earth, and that these energies overlight and guide us through our work in New York and around the world. Many of us have foreseen legions of angels penetrating the veil, welcoming our world to the divine energies we have been working so hard to bring into our lives.

I’ve watched so many get torn to shreds this year. With the ‘evolve or perish’ energies of 2012, anyone who wanted to evolve did. Anyone who didn’t want to evolve did. Shadow pieces have been magnified and intensified so that transformation could happen quickly and with little mercy. There is a new human being birthing, this human being knows how to let go and ride with change as pure divine expression.

This last year, in the telecourses, we sat in “the energies” a lot. They became the foundational element of the curriculum, and I trust deeply in their benevolent power. I watched students birth dreams into life as these energies unlocked their subconscious soul desires and purpose. It was an extraordinary year of direct teaching from spirit, surrender into the unknown and simply watching as the work unfolded in front of us. I realized I was not at all in charge, and then it really got fun.

I am so excited about next year I can’t even stand it. To me, it is truly the year the New Human Being comes to life, and that will be the theme for the curriculum at Treadway Esoteric. We get to start really building, because we are at the beginning now, not the end. Yay!

I am honored to be on this adventure with all of you. Please join us in a course if you haven’t yet, or come on a Creation Activation call to get a taste. I also have FINALLY put together several downloadable e-educational products. These are a great way to being to experience what we do here.

I have also been revising the Channeling Certification Program. Stay tuned for more information on that!

Wishing you a beautiful solstice however you choose to celebrate.

From the Deep Mystery,
CC Treadway

I sit here in New York City, a week after Hurricane Sandy, on election day, having gone through a mess of emotions. To let everyone know, I went through the storm without any loss of power, flooding or fire. I was incredibly lucky, but as you know, not everyone was. We are now settling into the long term damage the hurricane has created. Relief efforts have been phenomenal, both on the grass roots level and on the government level. I think Mayor Bloomberg has done a great job of dealing with the toughest situation NYC has faced yet, and New Yorkers don’t miss a beat when it comes to doing what needs to be done quickly and efficiently. Our city has been through a few major traumatic events in the last 15 years, and I can proudly say we have learned and are all working together. Still it is never enough when you are the one with a burned down or flooded house. Our efforts will need to continue well into the winter and beyond.

Last night as I was teaching Psychic Empowerment, I was listening to everyone talk about their experience. I realized that many people were having reactions to the hurricane, whether they were in the Northeast or not. Chances are, if you are sensitive and empathic, then you are feeling it and that is OK. I wanted to send out a note to all of you so that you know what to do for yourself in these situations.

What does existential terror look like in a natural disaster?

  • Feeling helpless to do anything
  • Feeling terrified of being along
  • Feeling panic in general
  • Losing sight of your life path and purpose
  • Disconnecting from everyone
  • Being scattered and unable to focus
  • Feeling powerless
  • Feeling like you “don’t exist” (my personal favorite)
  • Feeling trapped
  • Not having any sense of the future
  • Feeling like you are falling through a black abyss
  • Unable to handle the pain of others

What are some things you can do to alleviate this?

  • Being held. Physical contact helps to soothe the nervous system
  • Quality time with loved ones. Feeling like you belong and are taken care of is essential.
  • Meditating and taking extra time to get spiritual and emotional support
  • Doing whatever you need to do to feel safe
  • Being gentle with yourself, taking the time (if you can) to give yourself the healing response.
  • Getting active: helping, serving, donating
  • PARTY! Blow off some steam and dance all night
  • Being patient, it will pass and you will feel better
  • Learn from the experience what you need and honor tha 

Natural disasters bring up your stuff

We all have habitual defenses that will be exaggerated during a natural disaster. So if you have a fear of abandonment, it will be multiplied. If your tendency is to disconnect from painful emotions, you may do that to the extreme and upset the people around you. If your life doesn’t have the support in it that you desire, it will be obvious during these times. Learn from that and become active in creating a life surrounded by loving care. We all need strong community and love in our lives, take the time to foster that. Gather together with your families and communities and discuss how you want to move forward, should this or anything like this happen again. Reach out to those who have gone through it, every phone call means a lot.

How can you help?

Meditation for Safety

For all those desiring to help, first and foremost, when you meditate please sink into the place of safety within yourselves and allow that vibration to travel to those in need. Ask that the vibration go to exactly where it needs to go, and let spirit handle it. As we grow together, connecting in this way is very powerful.


If you feel called, I highly recommend donating to Occupy Sandy NYC. The occupy movement has evolved into a community building and sustaining effort. They are on the ground without the red tape and in touch with local relief efforts. They have simply been amazing. People are not thinking about whether or not they should volunteer, we all know that's just what we need to do. Your money is being put to good use here.





From the Deep, Ever Evolving Mystery,


Aaaaaah. Fall is upon us. This is my favorite time of year, the most mystical time, and the most potent energetically. It is the time of year of the hearth. In today’s busy world, the hearth has all but been forgotten.  I liken the hearth to the spiritual and physical epicenter of feminine wisdom and magic. It is the center of the home, the foundational balancing element where the family gathers to cook, eat, laugh, and tell stories, where nourishing potions are created and shared, and where the sacred eternal flame is kept burning. My hearth is usually bustling with ambitious New York lightworkers and artists and their grand plans to love and be loved in this crazy world. We eat, we pray, we snuggle, we dream, we create and we support each other. We are blessed at this time to sink into the harvest of what we have been working on all year.

Getting to focus primarily on teaching with all of you has become my life’s joy and service. The deep and receptive place the students went to this summer in Creation Lab was completely life altering. In the end, many students had several projects completed, some made products that are now brought to market, and all of us were taken deep into the natural creative pulse of life. It was amazing, and this course will definitely be offered again.  Now, with a full Learning to Channel course, those who need the foundational skills of tuning in and connecting to guidance are revved up and ready to channel! When people tell me of how they are connecting, and the tears it brings to their eyes, there are no real words for the experience for me. It brings me the greatest happiness I know.

Working with the seasons and the incoming energies, a beautiful balance has occurred that has been many years in the making. As we enter Libra this fall, balance is on all our minds, and the deep inner calm exists within that balance.

The guidance I have been getting is to step out of drama, connect to the earth and sky, and to tap into the sacred in our hearts, bodies and souls to pray. This is not new news, but in these times of chaos, it is essential that we not get lost in the exterior. We can instead allow the wisdom of our deep selves and deep knowing to be our gauges, guiding our actions. By simply sitting on the earth and feeling into her, much peace can be had in our systems.

The ongoing split in the collective psyche between the right and left, masculine and feminine is ever strong. We can see that in politics so clearly. Splitting in half is a lie, and that’s how I feel when I listen to these political speeches. How can we know the truth of our humanity when we are convinced that only one side of us is correct?

Our commitment to balancing this internally is essential. Sometimes when we are in our masculine side, success looks like taking our careers to the next level, increasing income, rockin’ it out in some extreme way, climbing mountains, and every man for themselves. We want to make all of our decisions from this place and can end up exhausted.

When we are in our feminine, we long for a softer approach, the receptive, understanding how everyone is connected and needs care, but also feeling like what we have is more than enough. Conquering and climbing mountains seems unnecessary and yet, we can’t stay just on that side either.

The dance between these two parts of ourselves, and integrating them helps us to get clear on who we are and how we really need to live. For me, these 2 parts of my psyche get integrated through meditation, music and careful listening. Click here to read a channeling that goes deeper into this subject.

As we journey between worlds this fall, we have a huge opportunity to resolve inner conflict and create in harmony with life, together. We can sit in the in-between space and feel and know who we are and what is right for us. Ancestors, light beings and Mother Earth’s creatures are all there to dance with us.

I wish you an enriching fall… fall in love with yourselves a little bit more 

From the Deep Mystery,
CC Treadway

Well, we are in the middle of a hot summer. It’s kind of a killer here in New York and in many places. So, I sit in one of my favorite coffee shops in Brooklyn enjoying the strong AC.

It may be hot, but this summer has also been very creative, with many musical collaborations, a month long road trip adventure across the country, a reunion with some very old and dear friends and countless trips as far north as my car will take me!

In some ways, this summer is the summer of anticipation. We are waiting, waiting for something big. In fact, the entire global spiritual community is bracing itself for December 21st, when the stars align and the feminine is back in balance, when linear time dissolves, when we have 3 days of darkness, when we all become enlightened, when we enter the 5th dimension, etc. etc. You know, I believe in all of this and none of it. And I am also waiting…..

What should we do then? Should we start anything? Should we wait to be told what to do? Hold off on our projects and dreams?

Hell no.

We could be biting our fingernails, but the energies wont let us do that! No, instead we are growing at alarming rates, continually being challenged to let go of old belief systems- even if they are only a few days old – and invited to be walking human light beings, to find the song within and sing it!

I find I have like one day every 6 weeks or so where I literally have to spend the day wailing, letting go of everything that was holding me together because it stopped working all of the sudden. I wail for a few hours, and then life reorganizes itself and new opportunities arrive immediately. Then I scratch my head and say, “Alrighty then,” and move forward. My “day of wailing” might be like someone else’s medicine ceremony. Whatever works I say.

Summer is the perfect time to get creative projects going. I am gearing up for an amazing August teaching the Creation Lab course to help light the fire for your creative dreams, as well organizing and preparing a slew of events and performances in the fall with my wonderful community here in New York.

Please read below for a new article, a wonderful retreat given by two dear friends of mine and upcoming workshops and telecourses at Treadway Esoteric!

Stay Cool~

CC Treadway

How was your solar eclipse experience?  I noticed 24 hrs leading up to it if I felt I needed to communicate with someone, I would see them shortly...on the street or in the park. Remember I live in NYC, so this is pretty cool.  For the evening, I tried to go to a Pleiadian sound bath meditation with my friends, but I arrived too late and there was no room! I was pretty disappointed because the intention of the evening was to celebrate and align with the fact that the Pleiades were in alignment with the center of the galaxy, a highly anticipated, much prophecized event.

So I started walking the streets of Brooklyn, trusting that I would be guided to just the right spot. I ended up at a pier overlooking the East River. What a beautiful sight! A spanish guitar player serenaded me while I watched the sunset with the polish fisherman. As I stood, I received download after download of mostly personal information, whoa. I was then instructed to lie down, and I fell into a peaceful sleep on a bench...not my usual routine, where I felt my guides doing their thing. It was so beautiful to be by the water while the wind blew, feeling the loving energies of these upgrades on such a monumental day. They say that we have been waiting 26,000 years for this alignment to occur. I know I have felt strong Pleiadian influence since my birthday last October, and I welcome more communion with our relatives!

I have just finished a new article entitled THE 3D OVERACHIEVER'S GUIDE TO 5D ASCENSION. It's pretty self explanatory....:)

My friends, our 5th dimensional bodies want in. It’s pure pleasure and abundance. Every day is an opportunity to let go and let in Source, dropping all previous agendas for life. The karmas we were born with are dissolving as the new quantum reality takes over.  Love leads the way as we know that hurdles and change are opportunities for expansion. Keep going, keep aligning, and keep believing in yourself as Love embodied.

Love, CC

This winter’s teleclass, Divine Blueprint brought me deeper than I have ever experienced. While I had wanted to do a European class as well, as the American class progressed, I found that the energies were so strong that it would have been overkill.

Working on the pituitary, pineal and sexual glands, as well as the heart, the main focus was for each person to tap into their higher mission for the year and integrate it into the body. Now this mission may have come in words, a creative project, as a deep integration of a life lesson or an unexpected opportunity that changes you forever.

My objective was for everyone to completely and totally surrender into the divine, to drop personal agenda and become so clearly on board with the soul and higher self that inner conflict resolved naturally. A real do less get more kind of approach. The feedback from many members of the class was astounding, and the changes in my own life were monumental. These changes all happened on their own with no force as we aligned ourselves, day after day, with our true divine being and our true divine purpose.

As some of you may have noticed, I have been a little quiet. This is because I really have been a little quiet. Winter and the Divine Blueprint class brought on many changes to my being and I have been allowing them to integrate, taking extended periods of solitude and silence. I became a vegetarian overnight, belief systems I had been carrying for my whole life dissolved into the present moment, and after a musical/sound healing performance I found the course of my life on a different path. of course I wanted to give these changes some time, to see if they were for real.

The biggest change that I need to share with you is that I have closed my private practice. This decision became absolute the moment I got off stage. Working with everyone over all these years has been so sacred, taught me so much, and consistently led me deeper into life, into magic and into the heart. I am so grateful for each beautiful soul, and it’s time to nourish other areas of my life, especially my creativity. I have to admit, I feel a lot more human these days, it’s totally weird and amazing.

Treadway Esoteric is now an educational engine focusing on telecourses and workshops. The telecourses are following the seasons and working with the fluctuating energies of life as we go through these monumental shifts. There will still be long distance private sessions included with some of the telecourses. Anyone in a channeling certification program will also get to complete of course! To see the curriculum for the year, click here.

I would love to hear about people’s experiences with their own changes. What does the shift mean to you? What has changed in your life rapidly? Do you feel the presence of the Divine more easily?

From the Deep Mystery,

CC Treadway

For most of us in the northern hemisphere, we have seen the leaves fall, the skies turn to grey and the temperatures drop. Last night I had a dream the world was covered in ice and snow. At first I panicked and tried to run from the descending ice, but then, as I looked ahead, I could see there was infinite space, we were all still here and we had come up with good solutions for the new landscape.

As winter has softly blown in, I have thought to myself, “Where should I go to avoid the cold and grey?” After much inner and outer discussion, the answer was clear: I wanted to go deeper into myself, deeper into all that had been created in this last year, and deeper into life. I decided to accept winter’s invitation.

When the outer world is less than optimal, our inner world gets activated. The mysteries come alive, our soul speaks, our higher selves lead, and the sparkle in every snowflake is ignited in our being.

This process can be tough. The powerful and creative energies of autumn have a hard time shifting gears, and yet this is exactly what is being asked of us.

A few weeks ago, I was channeling with one of my colleagues, Samantha Ibarguen. We wanted to know why so many spiritual people (including myself) have a hard time settling down, why there was that constant desire to explore, travel, and expand into bliss. Why was the answer always “out there somewhere?”

The guides replied, “When an expansion of energy is experienced, a deeper level of maturity is then asked of the individual. This maturity is accomplished by grounding the expanded energy into the lower chakras, and into the Earth. The first reaction for one who has recently expanded their energy in accomplishment, or in an addition to the family unit, or in any rite of passage, is a kind of energetic fight or flight, because it is a lot for the body to digest and metabolize so much energy. It takes patience, as it is a completely different frequency, requiring the fast moving spiritual person to slow down into their own body, and into their humanity. 

“As the lower chakras are activated with the spiritual energies, a more profound and present human experience is created, the deeper human desires are activated, such as career building, sensuality, attendance to family, or the quiet company of nature, the roots of your being grow further into the Earth, and consequently the branches grow taller. (If you are particularly up in your 7th chakra, or have too much unhealed trauma in your lower chakra areas, this could be particularly difficult.)

“The spiritual person takes flight for a familiar experience as much as a new experience. The responsibilities of adulthood, of building, can be avoided with the constant call of ‘spirit.’ And yet the true adult welcomes such responsibilities as spiritual growth, and takes on the role of builder of culture and society, as parent, as mentor, as a necessary part of humanity. The panic associated with fight or flight transforms into purpose. Sometimes this further expansion into travel, change and exploration is appropriate, and sometimes the true rite of passage into the next level of your life will require the deepening.”

I thought about that. The expansive spiritual energies are so very alluring, and so very much a part of my every day. There is the illusion to chase it for success, for love, or for ourselves. There are still tons of new places we could go to be activated, or meet someone, or maybe that’s where we’re supposed to live…But I believe true success is built on a strong foundation, the foundation that comes with sinking into the base of your being.

My wish for 2012 is to let the spiritual merge with the physical to create a grounded and embodied approach to our human lives.  In this way we can be present for our families, our planet, our work and our communities. We can travel to new places without losing the focus of our inner being, or the goodness we have created at Home. We can be in communion with our higher selves, God and guides as we cherish our earthly time.

Happy New Year my friends, may this most epic and hyped of years, 2012, be blessed and joyful for you.

From the Deep Mystery,

 Is it October already? Almost one year ago, I was packing my bags to move from Sedona back to New York City. Well, actually, I didn’t think I was moving back, I thought I was just going to be in New York for a few months to get my bearings. As I look back on the year I am continually surprised at the series of events. How humbling to have worked so hard to create a certain kind of life, only to watch it disintegrate, virtually overnight, and then be taken on what felt like a magic carpet ride back to the life I had worked very hard to get away from.

I had to give up the reigns entirely and trust, because somehow when everything was falling apart, everything fell into place. It was like the universe said, “Since you have no idea what to do, let us set it all up for you. Come, this way, trust us, I think you’re gonna like it.”

To let you know of some of the synchronicities, I ended up in a beautiful house in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by trees in Brooklyn, the largest and nicest place I have ever lived in. My roommate when I arrived was tantra teacher Luba Evans, who has turned out to be one of my dearest friends and colleagues. Many hours and days were spent brainstorming, talking and sharing. We wrote our e-book, “Healing The Broken Heart” together. This magical house turned out to be a block away from the hub of the spiritual and artistic community I was welcomed into with the deepest soul recognition I have ever known. My work and creativity continues to thrive in collaboration with my new pals.

One of my best friends/colleagues and I joined forces and got office space in downtown Manhattan, in one of the most desired neighborhoods for well below market price. It happened easier than anything I have ever done. One phone call and exactly what we wanted was presented.

I was able to pay off my debts this year through sheer determination, working hard and surprise family gifts.

The release of grief I experienced over my relationship in Sedona ending, set off a series of awarenesses resulting in deep healing with my family of origin, a level of healing I never knew possible. 20 years of defenses melted away to reveal the Beloved inside of all of us. The sweetness of love welcomed a broken family back Home together. Just that would have been more than enough.

I can’t help but bow at the foot of God and accept everything that was offered. I look back and think to myself, wow, I did not see any of this coming. Really. This has only led to a deeper reverence for the mystery of life, to unknowable forces working with us to give us things we never knew we wanted. Or maybe, these unexpected things are what we really want, but we just have no reference point for them. It’s made me deeply respect this work, strong intentionality and the surrender to the soul path.

What we are all creating together now is out of the old paradigm, it creates itself if you do your emotional work and let the flow carry you. Things fall apart, they are going to keep falling apart, but as we tap into our true nature, our infinite light, all is available. If you are reading this, then you are somehow privileged to have access to this part of your soul. Use that information to get you through whatever it is you are going through, whether personal or in the larger picture of these global changes. Our souls were designed for this moment, don’t resist, just trust in how amazing you are.

We have some great programs coming up. Namely, the workshop in upstate New York at Galiana Retreat Center, Healing the Broken Heart, in November. I will be co-teaching with Luba Evans. This is part of the fall series that was kicked off with the Healing the Broken Heart Telecourse and e-book (we are still flushing out the shopping cart details on this one). I think this work is so important because I am living testament to the fact that we can deeply heal our hearts and let in the beauty of life. I know that the deep, empty pain inside can heal and be filled with love and hope. I hope you will consider joining us.

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From the Deep Mystery,

CC Treadway